28. February 2022

Participation opportunities Horizon Europe and other European Programmes

Switzerland is currently a non-associated Third Country in Horizon Europe. Even though Switzerland has been excluded from certain programmes, Swiss SMEs and Start-ups are eligible to participate in many collaborative projects and their participation will be financed by the Swiss Confederation directly.

Euresearch – a Swiss guide to European research and innovation is a great resource for funding and cooperation opportunities offered by “Horizon Europe” and other European partnership initiatives. Euresearch is a non-profit organisation funded by the State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation SERI and their services are free of charge.

Euresearch have a useful factsheet which provides Participation Opportunities for Companies in Horizon Europe and other European Programmes

For the latest information about Switzerland’s Status within Horizon Europe visit the SERI website.

07. December 2021

Effectum Medical joins the KAPSLY service-for-equity platform

KAPSLY is a service-for-equity platform that connects service providers with promising start-ups. KAPSLY gives start-ups the chance to grow their business by accessing professional services. Basically, the service provider (Effectum Medical), invests in the start-up with their services instead of cash.

For more information about KAPSLY visit their website. We also recommend checking out the KAPSLY blog.

Get in touch if you would like to discuss equity as a possible payment option.

25. October 2021

Swiss participation Horizon Europe – EU research and innovation funding programme

Switzerland is currently considered a non-associated 3rd country in terms of the “Horizon Europe” and related programmes and initiatives. Under this status, researchers and innovators in Switzerland can participate in around two thirds of the programme, However, the do not receive any funding from the European Commission. On October 20, 2021, the Swiss Federal Council has released CHF 400 million in funding for project participants in Switzerland (see press release).

The Q&A from SERI (Swiss State Secretariat Education Research and Innovation) provides useful information on Swiss participation in Horizon Europe, Horizon 2020, Partnerships, Digital Europe Programme, Euratom Programme and ITER

Another useful source for information is Euresearch – a Swiss guide to European research and innovation. Their services are free of charge and provide information and guidance on cooperation and funding opportunities offered by “Horizon Europe” and other European partnership initiatives.

30. September 2021

FDA database for AI/ML-enabled medical devices

Artificial intelligence (AI), and specifically machine learning (ML), has become an important part of an increasing number of medical devices. Due to the increased interest in these medical devices, the FDA has basis a publicly available information created a list of AI/ML-enabled medical devices currently being marketed in the US.

The list is not an exhaustive or comprehensive resource of AI/ML-enabled medical devices but gives an overview of what is currently available.

Link FDA list

08. June 2021

European Digital Health Funds

Interesting overview from the early-stage venture capital firm Karista

During Q3 2020, European HealthTech startups have nearly raised $2.3B approaching the 2019 record of $2,9B invested in the same time span. Today, more than 626 companies are active in Digital Health throughout Europe. 63% of those companies were created in the last 5 years. In response to the rapid growth of the digital health sector, Karista published for the first time a European mapping of Digital Health investment funds (known as “e-health”).

08. June 2021

The QAA-Template is no longer part of our SOP, but we are happy to share with you on our customer plattform

The QAA-Template is no longer part of our SOP, but we are happy to share with you on our customer plattform. This Quality Agreement between a Company and the Supplier includes the development and/or manufacture of medical devices or parts of medical devices.



09. March 2021

One year to go until CE mark, but no red thread for your go-to-market?

Mastering QMS and RA are one side of the coin. For launch we can show you the other side.

Effectum Medical’s mission is to bring start-up to market. But after CE mark a new ride of your journey starts. Launch preparation is a complete task and only successful if you link your commercialization and communications strategy and your team is able to execute efficiently on your roll-out plan. Curious to get know-how from professionals who launched > 50 products in corporates, SME’s and for start-ups? Then drop an e-mail and meet for a virtual coffee with experts from our sister company Medicalboard.

03. March 2021

Are you aware about the impulse programme of Innosuisse?

In Measure2 the contribution of your start-up (=implementation partner) can be lowered to a minimun of 20% and third party services will be compensated by Innosuisse. Thus, if you would like to collaborate with Effectum Medical as your service provider, this might be a good moment to submit your project. Our participation can be expanded up to 30%  of the total budget.

For more information check the website of Innosuisse or contact