07. October 2019

New Effectum Medical Workshop, 19. November 2019 (Olten)

Bringing your project to success while mastering the challenges of MDR/IVDR, 19. November, 2019 (Olten)

Which steps do I have to take for development and industrialization of my product? How do I document appropriately and how can I ensure to get certification? These are the ultimate questions for anyone developing a new product. If these are the challenges you are facing, this workshop session will help you to master them.

The objective of our new workshop is to understand the product development process for medical devices as well as the regulatory requirements regarding documentation. You will get an overview of the product development process and documentation, combined with hands-on experience from real case examples.

If you are manager or team member in a start-up or spin-off, this workshop is for you! For more information on this complimentary workshop and how to register, please click here.